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Unreal Aircraft features unique and unusual aircraft like twin-fuselage Mustangs, Canadian flying saucers, gravity-defying VTOL airplanes and even personal rocket packs.

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What's new on this site

3 Jul 2004

A new gallery of post-WW2 British aircraft has been added. These photos were kindly contributed by Omar Fowler.

A half-dozen new external links to interesting aircraft added to various pages.

19 Mar 2004

Interesting comments added about the Westland reconnaissance drone from Toby Robson.

Three new photos of the Bristol Brabazon have been added. Two are of the display at the Bristol Industrial Museum (Bristol, UK) and the other is a scale model on display at the Bristol Aero Museum. These photos were kindly contributed by Darin (Zol).

23 Jan 2004

New links added to various pages.

Two photos of the Bristol Brabazon under construction have been added (more coming soon).

29 Nov 2003

New links added to various pages.

New photos and movie links added to the following pages:
XB-70 Valkyrie (11),
Lockheed YF-12 (5),
Bell Model 301 (3),
Predator (3),
DarkStar (2),
Northrop M2-F2 (3),
Northrop HL-10 (5),
Martin X-24A (2), and
Martin X-24B (6).

19 Oct 2003

Site re-design, various new links added.

16 Mar 2003

Additional info added to the following pages:
Vought-Hiller-Ryan XC-142A, and
McDonnell XF-85 Goblin.

11 Mar 2003

A few new links added to the links page.

20 Feb 2003

Site taken over from John Burford and re-launched at www.unrealaircraft.com.

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About this site

Unreal Aircraft
was originally created by John Burford as an extension of his "Australian Aviation Archive" site (now closed), John was about to take the Unreal Aircraft section of his site down when I happened to find it.

I enjoyed the site a lot and thought it would be a shame to lose it so I asked John if he'd mind if I took it over, very graciously he said yes, so here it is in it's fourth incarnation!

Please keep in mind this site doesn't claim to be a complete reference, there are whole classes of 'unreal aircraft' omitted, I'm an aviation fan not an 'expert' and I don't have access to any new material to expand the site.

But there are leads to other good aviation sites on the links page, I'll add more as I find them. If you have extra information/pictures to share I'll be most grateful, please get in touch via my contact page.

John and I thank all contributors, correspondents and visitors for your past (and future) support!

Andrew McPhee (aka Macca)
Wodonga, Victoria, Australia


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